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Sikia beach

The beach of Sikia is considered one of the most beautiful in Halkidiki and has shallow waters, ideal for water sports but also for families with young children.

It is also known as “Ai Giannis” or Linaraki coast on its right side. Whatever you call it, it is an amazing beach ideal for family vacations. On the north side of the beach the waters are very shallow and are ideal for small children to play.

The beach of Sikia is truly incomparable. Nearby you can find some of the best beaches in Halkidiki such as Linaraki, Pigadaki, Tourkolimano and Klimataria on one side, and on the other Griava and Valti.

As a beach characterized by fine white sand and crystal blue-green waters, any beach in Sikia will be a truly magical experience.


One … hidden beach in Sithonia, with turquoise waters and sand, in a small bay, is the beach of Agridia.

Few people know it, but as time goes by it becomes more and more popular.

The sand of the beach is fine-grained that does not stick to the body and the water is crystal clear, while it is not deep and is ideal for young children.


Sarti is a relaxed village known for its promenade around a rocky bay, where bars and taverns are full of people in summer.

Uphill roads lead to the older part of town, with whitewashed houses and shops selling painted tiles and local honey.

The museum of Afissia is housed in a former mountain chapel overlooking Mount Athos and includes exhibits on a settlement built for Greek refugees from the island of Afissia in the 1920s.



Klimataria beach is one of the small and picturesque beaches of Sikia.

It is sandy, quiet, with crystal clear waters and well organized. Usually the water is calm because it is well protected and ideal for snorkeling (swimming with a mask).

The water is crystal clear and shallow for this and it is especially preferred by families.


Valti beach is located after Griavas beach and go to it by the same road.

It is a large and beautiful beach with umbrellas and sunbeds in two places, there is a seaside bar and a tavern that has good food but also serves drinks and coffee on its sunbeds.

Valti has a large clear beach and also clear waters, it is a quiet beach but gathers a lot of people, it is also a good place for fishing from the rocks on the north side.



Tigania beach is a unique beach at the second leg of Halkidiki, Sithonia, between the beaches of Klimataria and Kriaritsi.

A wild beauty reminiscent of the Caribbean with its turquoise waters and golden sand.

Until recently, Tigania was a hidden treasure, but in recent years the fame of the beach has spread due to its wild beauty, as more and more people discover it.


South of the big beach of Agios Giannis of Sikia, you will find the coast of Linaraki, it is a small cove with a really beautiful beach.

You can easily find it following the asphalt road from the beach of Sikia.